From our work in Philadelphia schools to our distinctive educational and outreach programs, BalletX is committed to enriching our vibrant community.

BalletX in Schools

Dance eXchange
In February, 2014, BalletX dancers and staff, as well as select members of the Philadelphia dance community, received training in the methodology of the award-winning National Dance Institute (NDI). Founded in 1976 by renowned dancer Jacques d’Amboise, NDI is known internationally for using dance to teach students valuable life skills like confidence, habits for health, and global perspective, as well as setting goals for personal standards of excellence.

BalletX transformed this training into an 11-week after-school residency program at the Andrew Jackson School in South Philadelphia. The Dance eXchange teaching team worked with a group of students known as the DREAM Team (Dancers Reaching Excellence Artistry & Mastery), applying NDI’s pedagogical standard to enrich students’ lives with dance.

 Inside the Mind of the Composer and Choreographer
In 2011, BalletX conducted a residency with students at South Philadelphia’s Andrew Jackson School called Inside the Mind of the Composer and Choreographer. In collaboration with Philadelphia composer Robert Maggio, the students participated in improvisation sessions, rehearsals, and workshops designed to ignite their artistic expression, build their enthusiasm for school, and nurture imagination. The residency served as inspiration for Matthew Neenan’s Fall Series 2012 World Premiere ballet Jackson Sounds, a work praised by the Broad Street Review as “important,” “influential,” and “a truly unique dance experiment.”

Inside the Mind of the Composer and Choreographer was made possible in part by the Philadelphia Chapter of American Composers Forum and the Leo Model Foundation.

"BalletX goes to school." Video by Peter Crimmins


Lectures, Demonstrations, & Workshops
BalletX brings dance to local schools and libraries through lectures, demonstrations, and workshops, drawing from our popular lecture series Inside the Mind of the Dancer. For information on upcoming workshops or to schedule a workshop at your school, contact Megan O’Donnell, Administrative & Development Coordinator at 215-893-9456 x100 or

Open Dress Rehearsals
Every series, BalletX invites groups of students from area schools to attend our dress rehearsal.  For more information on how your school can take part, contact Megan O’Donnell, Administrative & Development Coordinator, at 215-893-9456 x100 or

BalletX’s Educational and Community Programs

The X-Process
In the 2013-2014 Season, BalletX launches The X-Process, a new program designed to engage our community in dance.  Through interactive lectures, artist conversations, and more, our audiences will get an in-depth look at the inspiration, perspiration, and preparation behind turning ballet into BalletX.
Visit The X-Process page for more information and upcoming dates.

 eXpand the eXperience
In the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons, BalletX presented eXpand the eXperience, an audience enrichment program that invited local Philadelphia-area actors, dancers, singers, and musicians to perform in the lobby before BalletX shows and during our two main-stage intermissions. Designed to enhance collaboration among Philadelphia artists while challenging expectations of the dance experience, eXpand the eXperience introduced our audiences to over 20 individual performers and ensembles from throughout the metropolitan area.

eXpand the eXperience was originally made possible by a generous grant from the Knight Arts Challenge, a program of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, with matching support from Wells Fargo.

Inside the Mind of a Dancer
Inside the Mind of a Dancer is a unique lecture and demonstration designed for participants to experience the perspective, insights, and mindset of a professional dancer. Customized to each group of participants, the program encourages its audiences to consider the complex interchange between movement and thought that occurs when a dancer moves through space. The interactive presentation explores the basics of dance, the importance of the art form, and the role that an individual’s voice plays in the creation of movement.

BalletX Repertory Workshops
Intermediate through Advanced Ballet Training
BalletX Repertory Workshops offer valuable insight into the world of BalletX. Under the leadership of a member of the BalletX artistic staff, participants are led through a classical ballet warm-up before they learn BalletX repertory, including works by such choreographers as Jorma Elo, Jodie Gates, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Edwaard Liang, Adam Hougland, Matthew Neenan, Darrell Grand Moultrie, and Mauro Astolfi. Through these workshops, students are exposed to the BalletX methodology as well as the nuances and inflections of the choreographer’s voice.  To learn about upcoming workshops or to schedule a workshop, contact Megan O’Donnell, Administrative & Development Coordinator, at 215-893-9456 x100 or

Master Classes
Intermediate through Advanced Ballet Training
Master classes give intermediate and advanced dancers the unique opportunity to train with BalletX artistic staff in a motivating environment. These classes emphasize the importance of traditional ballet technique while expanding the boundaries of classical movement. Students are encouraged to explore contemporary expression and discover connections between the mind and body in order to enhance their vocabulary of motion. To learn about upcoming classes or to schedule a class, contact Megan O’Donnell, Administrative & Development Coordinator, at 215-893-9456 x100 or at

Choreographic Workshops
Beginner through Advanced Ballet Training
Choreographic workshops invite dancers of all ages to discover and develop their own creative identities. Tailored to the age and training level of each individual group, these workshops feature fun and innovative exercises to inspire creativity of movement in a safe and supportive environment. Participants are encouraged to channel emotions into physicality in order to produce and manipulate dynamic movement from within, building confidence in his or her own creativity and self-expression. To learn about upcoming workshops or to schedule a workshop, contact Megan O’Donnell, Administrative & Development Coordinator, at 215-893-9456 x100 or


BalletX Outreach programBalletX Outreach