BalletX Summer Intensive

Pre-professional Training from Philadelphia's Premier Contemporary Ballet | 12-24, 2017 at The Wilma Theater

Explore the BalletX vision to inspire imagination, emotion, and expression through dance at Philadelphia’s premier pre-professional Summer Intensive. With world-class instructors and in-depth classes designed to enhance technique, artistry, and versatility, BalletX’s Summer Intensive challenges students in an intimate, company setting to prepare them for life as professional dancers.

  • Engage in a wide range of classes, including advanced ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, yoga, and pilates, with a minimum of 7 hours of training per day and a maximum class size of 30 students
  • Expand your vocabulary of classical and contemporary technique to be a competitive force in today’s varied dance industry
  • Experience life as a professional company member, learning BalletX repertory and performing on stage at The Wilma Theater
  • Build your strength and stamina and learn techniques for proper physical care with our exclusive X-Training fitness program 

BalletX’s Summer Intensive is a pre-professional program that accepts dancers between ages 16-24. If you have questions about whether you qualify or if you fall outside this age range, please contact Alicia Tom Administrative & Programs Assistant (215) 893-9456 x128

Program Information


BalletX offers limited merit- and need-based scholarships to qualified dancers after their acceptance into the program.

BalletX does not currently offer housing for Summer Intensive dancers. Contact Alicia Tom Administrative & Programs Assistant (215) 893-9456 x128 for information on housing options.


From Summer Intensive 2015 participant Sarah Biren:
“The BalletX Summer Intensive 2015 was the strongest dance intensive I had ever attended. The variety of classes provoked a constant drive to push outside of my comfort zone. Every faculty member was passionate - eager to not only teach, but to provide constructive guidance to help students prepare for the professional dance world. And my peers - being surrounded by such a diverse spectrum of skills continuously inspired me to explore my own individual expression. BalletX exceeded all of my expectations.”

From Summer Intensive 2014 participant Daniel Cho:
“The BalletX Summer Intensive is truly unique in developing dancers who not only demonstrate a strong ballet foundation, but are versatile in adapting to the needs of today's dance world. With incredibly small class sizes and passionate, personable faculty members, the attention given to each and every individual dancer is unparalleled by any other Summer Intensive. The immense diversity in the classes offered and the backgrounds of my fellow peers constantly inspired me to push myself to reach my physical and artistic potential. I left the two-week Intensive having tremendously grown as both a person and an artist.”

For questions and more information, contact Alicia Tom Administrative & Programs Assistant (215) 893-9456 x128.

Summer Intensive 2015

Photography by Bill Hebert, Summer Intensive 2015 Participants