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Lois Welk Company Representative
BalletX is simply and wonderfully unique - from their thrilling performances on the stage to their meaningful community work, they represent what contemporary ballet can be in the 21st century.
Whether in the air, on their toes, or dashing to the ground, the dancers of Philadelphia-based company BalletX are technically brilliant and shine with vibrant personalities.
Wacky, eccentric and fabulous
This is ballet for the Spotify generation. It’s exciting, eclectic and vibrant
The music, clever use of props, and the visual elements all complemented the inventive choreography, creating a compelling performance that had me smiling the whole time in sheer delight at the artistry of the dancers and choreographer.
earthy and sensual
Edgy. Experimental. Eccentric. BalletX is nothing if not innovative
With whimsical movements and bold, digital images to bring this fantasyland to life, the tongue-in- cheek performance had the audience smiling and laughing for the entirety – something I’ve never experienced at the ballet before.
fine craft, liberated technique, ensemble luster
Cox and Neenan’s ability to locate and collaborate with artists of diverse choreographic backgrounds is impressive
Their ability to refresh classical ballet with daring contemporary choreography and exciting artistic choices paid off
[BalletX's] 10 performers [...] move with commitment and rich texture; theirs is fully three-dimensional dancing that you feel as you watch
[BalletX has] the confidence and artistry of a world-class ballet company
BalletX is... on fire
vulnerable, openhearted and, above all, marvelously free
Always-engaging, ever-changing, not-your-mother’s-ballet company
Contemporary ballet companies don’t often take these kinds of risks, but this show will take Philly dance to heights it’s never experienced before
[BalletX dancers move in ways that] are simultaneously strenuous and fluid, harsh and delicate, serious and amusing
The choreography was worthy of [BalletX]'s 10 superlative dancers, allowing them to show off their astonishing technique and their impressive stylistic and dramatic range
Assured, relaxed and genuine, [BalletX is] a true ensemble