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To RSVP to any of the Showcases below, email Megan O’Donnell at [email protected] with your desired Showcase, Name, Number of Tickets, and Organization Affiliation.

Philly Showcase
Six Philadelphia-based companies unite to represent a glimpse of the flourishing art happening in our city of brotherly love.
Friday, January 12, 7:35pm-10:00pm
BALLETX SHOWCASE: 9:15pm-9:35pm
City Center, Studio 4

BalletX Showcase #1
Saturday, January 13, 6:15pm-6:35pm
Ailey Studios, Studio 1C
Limited Seating Available

BalletX Showcase #2
Saturday, January 13, 7:00pm-7:20pm
Ailey Studios, Studio 1C
Limited Seating Available

Booking Inquiries
Lois Welk Company Representative
Presenter Testimonials
BalletX is simply and wonderfully unique - from their thrilling performances on the stage to their meaningful community work, they represent what contemporary ballet can be in the 21st century.
BalletX is one of my favorite companies in the nation to work with, both as a choreographer and as a presenter. They are a compelling company that has a wide breadth of sophisticated international repertory and exquisite dancers. I have presented the company twice at the Laguna Dance Festival in California, and each time they bring the audience to their feet with stunning dancers, diverse programming, and a fantastic vision, all in one!
Our engagement with BalletX far exceeded expectations. They were wonderful in the community, generous and warm with their teaching/sharing. The evening performance… what can I say? The variety of the program was right on. Their performance helped further strengthen our connection with our dance audience, especially the trust they put in us to bring companies that they may not have otherwise heard of.
The performance this evening was one of the best dance shows we have presented. The audience appreciation was palpable and will pay off in increased desire to see what we have to offer in the future. It was a good night for Ovations.
What a delight the BalletX performance was last night! I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed dance so much. It was a fabulous evening and each piece was wonderful; I was in tears at the end of the second dance and could have watched it again right then. At the intermission, everyone was buzzing about what a treat it was. The dancing was sublime, the music great, the costumes colorful and the variety in the program excellent. I was so happy to be there.
The quality of the performance coupled with the fresh originality of such intriguing and new choreography led to an evening that enchanted audience members. This was a marvelous performance truly enriching the lives of a nearly sold out house filled with community members and students.
It was wonderful to have your talented company in Akron. The performance was remarkable and the audience certainly loved it. The rousing and continuous [standing] ovation was followed by many emails and phone calls praising BalletX.
Within the first 8 bars I knew this was a clean, technically stunning, articulate company - the rest of the evening I could sit back and smile, comfortable and confident in the knowledge that this sharp engaging ensemble of performers was going to deliver a memorable evening of dance for the Hope and Holland communities.
BalletX is everything that is good with American dance. Talented. Accessible. Creative."