BalletX Dancers on the 15th

Francesca Forcella
Company Member Since 2013
It is so special that we get to work virtually with choreographers that we may not have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. I am also looking forward to hopefully getting back into the studio and back on stage performing before this season is over! The anticipation of stepping back onto a stage is definitely building.

Stanley Glover
Company Member Since 2018
What excites me the most for BalletX’s 15th Anniversary is having the opportunity to explore artistically and creatively with choreographers who are pushing boundaries by creating work virtually, while still being artistically fulfilled.

Savannah Green
Company Member Since 2020
I’m so excited to be joining BalletX in its 15th Anniversary Season as a Company Member! After spending a year as a Dance Fellow with the company, I can hardly wait to begin working alongside the dancers and choreographers I have idolized for so long. I’m also looking forward to experiencing the evolution of BalletX as we continue to creatively navigate and impact our changing world through artistic expression.  

Zachary Kapeluck
Company Member Since 2013
I’m most excited for the opportunities that our new virtual format will allow us to explore in ways we never have before. BalletX has set a precedent for innovation, and I think that our 15th Anniversary Season will be a new milestone for us in that respect. We continue to persevere and create in times of uncertainty – that is what makes us tick and will continue to fuel our growth next season. 

Blake Krapels
Company Member Since 2018
One of the best things about BalletX is the investment in new works. This 15th Anniversary Season is extremely special because not only are we creating for the theater, but also working to put dance on film. It’s a rare opportunity to dive deeper into our art and have the ability to reach people throughout the world. After all, art truly does heal, and this world needs more healing right now than ever.

Skyler Lubin
Company Member Since 2015
Every season feels like a new journey. I love how BalletX is rising above all of the challenges going on at this time. I’m most excited to work with all of these amazing choreographers and produce work that inspires and shines light on our lives and the lives of our audiences. 

Chloe Perkes
Company Member Since 2010
I am thrilled to see how the 15 choreographers work within the new parameters of their craft. This season will bring new possibilities and constraints that will lead to even more deeply invested art. It’s a privilege to be a part of this groundbreaking year of creation. Everyone needs some BalletX!

Roderick Phifer
Company Member Since 2017
It’s awesome to be a part of a new phase in the realm of performance art, and I’m so excited to see how BalletX work will translate through this virtual experience.

Ashley Simpson
Company Member Since 2020
I am most excited for the opportunity to work with this season’s esteemed choreographers. BalletX is doing such great work and is continuing to push the bar with creativity, innovation, and collaboration. This will be a season like no other!

Richard Villaverde
Company Member Since 2011
The most exciting part about our 15th Anniversary Season would have to be the fact that we’re truly exploring the word “Contemporary,” staying relevant and challenging what dance can be and will be virtually.

Andrea Yorita
Company Member Since 2012
Even though I believe that nothing can replace the energy and vibrations of live performances, I am super excited to explore a new avenue of our art next season. This new avenue will not only inform and expand my creative mind and body as an artist, but it will allow BalletX to make new connections across the world, share our love, and reach places that we might not have been able to reach before. It will show how resilient and necessary art and BalletX is, and I can’t wait to be a small part of that. 

Shawn Cusseaux
Independence Foundation Dance Fellow Since 2020
The thing I am most excited about for BalletX’s 15th Anniversary Season is the lineup of choreographers. The list contains artists that are diverse in so many ways, and I am excited to see what they create on the company and how they share their voices during such a pivotal and explorative time.

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