Performance Ready

As I enter the space, Christine Cox and Tara Keating are giving out notes to the dancers after finishing a run through of Moultrie’s Vivir. With every note, Christine, Tara, and the dancers break down the movement in detail so that they can accomplish the utmost preciseness. They work together as a team to talk through any issues that could cause differences in execution. The dancers of the company are spread out throughout the studio space, but are all at work on something. Whether it be going through some partnering, cleaning up the timing of a phrase, or building strength through exercising and stretching, no one is still.

Next, the dancers transition into rehearsing the ending of McIntyre’s The Boogeyman. They pick up with an athletic duet between Andrea and Roderick, filled with high lifts, exciting jumps, and lots of energy. Even though this piece has been performed several times this past spring season, the two dancers perform it as if it is new every time. Once the two finish, they take a moment to work out any kinks they just experienced. Breathless, they work as a unit and go in slow motion to make sure all the partnering is smooth and exact. Once they are done cleaning their duet, the rest of the company joins them to go through the finale. In this moment, Christine has the dancers go step by step to solidify facings and spacing. She knows that everything needs to be precise in order for their performance on Friday to be as entertaining as possible.

-Louisa Fusco, Intern