Interview with Fall Series 2019 musician Tara Middleton

“My first collaboration with Rosie Langabeer for last year’s BalletX project was a mind-blowing experience for me!”

BLOG: Composer Rosie Langabeer Takes Us Behind the Music of Matthew Neenan’s “Twelve Bells”

This piece is about hope and light, peace and warmth, and that there is also truth in night and darkness.

Zachary Kapeluck’s Summer Tour Diary

In this blog entry, company dancer Zachary Kapeluck gives us a glimpse of life on tour with BalletX.

Interview with Eliza Walmsley, Young Xers Co-Chair

Eliza Walmsley co-chairs BalletX’s young professionals group, the Young Xers, with Kevin Wallace. We recently caught up with Eliza to learn more about her and the important volunteer role she plays with BalletX.

Interview with Yuming Chiu, Donor and Former Board Member

Our donors are an essential part of the BalletX family. We recently sat down with donor and former board member Yuming Chiu to learn more about why he supports BalletX and the arts.

13 Questions with Dancer Anna Peabody

Get to know new BalletX dancer Anna Peabody in 13 questions below.

Super Volunteer Matt Soojian

BalletX volunteers are an essential part of our operation, helping the BalletX team run events, sell merchandise, distribute promotional materials, and more. We recently sat down with Super Volunteer Matt Soojian to hear from one of the best!

11 Questions with Dancer Blake Krapels

Get to know new BalletX dancer Blake Krapels in 11 questions below, and don’t miss his performance in Fall Series 2018 at The Wilma Theater, Nov. 28-Dec. 9.

Exhibiting the Company’s Chameleon Capabilities

The dancers at BalletX are truly masters of their craft.

Rehearsing in the Early September Heat

It is a playfulness that is crossed with dignity and purpose, as though every finger, wrist, elbow and foot holds significance.

Rehearsing the Human Condition in Andrew McNicol’s Requiem

In Requiem, bodies move, change, rise and fall.

Blog: Soto’s Socks Depart, for now.

The socks were back last Saturday afternoon.

Blog: Cayetano Soto Continues

Cayetano Soto is back in action today with BalletX dancers, diving into his upcoming World Premiere that will be featured in this season’s Fall Series 2018 performance.


It’s Cayetano Soto’s first day in the studio working with the dancers on his world premiere, debuting in Fall.

Interview with Rosie Langabeer

“When I make music for dance I am leaving space in there for the elements that the movement brings to the whole experience. I don’t want the music to dominate, I want the combination to be greater than the sum of its parts.”

Interview with Penny Saunders

“I find all things to be dance. Life is dance. From our breath to a simple glance or a handshake – it can all be so powerful.”


It’s crunch time as the dancers of BalletX revive repertory from their 2018 Spring Series to be performed at Halcyon Stage this weekend in Washington D.C. The company will perform Trey McIntyre’s The Boogeyman and Darrell Grand Moultrie’s Vivir. The studio’s atmosphere is bustling since the company has only one more day to finish ‘cleaning’ the dances before their performance on Friday, June 22nd.

Interview with Andrew McNicol

“My intention is to create layers of meaning and offer multiple ways to connect with the work in the most inclusive way I can.”

Lil Buck and Dance eXchange

Lil Buck addressed Dance eXchange students during a recent visit to the Center for World Premiere Choreography.

Lil Buck in the Studio

BalletX recently welcomed Memphis jookin’ dance superstar Lil Buck to Philly for the company’s first major collaboration in its new home, the Center for World Premiere Choreography.

Interview: Manfred Fischbeck

“Limited range of movement does not mean a limit in expressiveness.”

Interview: Brigitta Herrmann

“Age is not the end of being a dancer.”

Interview: Hellmut Gottschild

“For me it is an almost tactile relationship with those in the audience. We give and receive.”

Interview with Brenda Dixon Gottschild

As I have said in one of my lectures, “dance is a language that is illegible in literal translation.” The clues that Fonte gives in his title are enough: beautiful, and decay.

Summer Series program note

Read the Summer Series 2017 Program Note by Lisa Kraus

Spring Series program note

Read the Spring Series 2017 Program Note by Lisa Kraus

Behind the Scenes of Spring Series 2017 | eXposure, EPISODE 03

BalletX dancers discuss their new roles in Matthew Neenan’s ‘The Last Glass’

Behind the Scenes of Spring Series 2017 | eXposure, EPISODE 02

Watch excerpts of Tommie-Waheed Evans’ ‘In Between the Passing…’

Behind The Scenes of Spring Series 2017 | eXposure, EPISODE 01

Watch Video of Cayetano Soto’s ‘Schachmatt’

The monologue from R. Colby Damon’s ‘On the Mysterious Properties of Light’

Read the complete monologue from R. Colby Damon’s ‘On the Mysterious Properties of Light’ as performed by dancer Zachary Kapeluck, including select sections of the monologue performed by dancer Caili Quan and fellow BalletX members.