Hildelisa Hangis

Hildelisa Hangis was born in Sinaloa, México where at age of three, started taking dance lessons. Being a very energetic and expressive child, her parents saw dance as the perfect way to channel her energies. Since then, her life has always been connected to art as a form of expression. She obtained her diploma in classical and modern dance while studying Music at  the University of Sonora. She then specialized in Opera as her Major and finished her Bachelors degree in Music from The Centro Municipal de las Artes. Post graduation, Hildelisa sang professionally as a soloist in renowned theaters and festivals in México. After moving to the United States, she started to look for meaningful ways to apply her knowledge and talent and National Dance Institute’s in school program spoke to her. In the summer of 2016, she completed the NDI teacher training in NYC and applies this training to her work with Dance eXchange where she joyfully discovers new ways to confirm the positive ways the arts and dance have shaped her life and how the arts can shape children’s lives in such a beautiful ways.

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