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Spanish Harlem is the Muse for Vivir. My birthplace is where I was exposed to all kinds of music and sounds. The beauty and power of Latin music was everywhere….

On the Mysterious Properties of Light

Light, in visible and invisible wavelengths, is everywhere in the universe, and yet its particles behave in ways which are anything but “ordinary”. This piece draws inspiration from the mundane…


I created this work to explore the relationship between my mind and my heart. It is a game between reasoning and feeling. Cayetano Soto

Beautiful Once

In response to these most chaotic moments in life, this work is in honor of community, inclusion, and divine resilience. The dancers of BalletX, Ryan Lott, Michael Korsch, and Martha…


CO-PRODUCED WITH THE VAIL INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL CRE·DO noun: a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions. Credo was inspired by choreographer Matthew Neenan’s travels to India….

Show Me

CO-PRODUCED WITH THE VAIL INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL Show Me was sparked when I listened to an array of recordings by the incomparable string quartet Brooklyn Rider. I wanted to make…


In my work, I feel drawn toward the seekers, people and artists who do not fit into our concepts – just like La Lupe, the Queen of Latin Soul. To…

Gran Partita

A complex and emotionally-stirring ballet inspired by the film-noir classic, Touch of Evil.

Sunset, o639 Hours

This narrative evening-length work interprets the dramatic, true story of pilot Edwin Musick’s 1938 inaugural airmail flight across the Pacific.  With stunning dancers and an onstage cabaret-style band, audiences will…


A wild, aggressive dance about courtship and the instinctual rituals of mating set to klezmer, jazz, and mambo music

The Last Glass

With inspiration from the wild street-parade sound of American indie-rock band Beirut, The Last Glass is a ballet that slowly awakens like a city, part mysterious pageant and part raucous…