Instant God

Instant God is the secret wish of many men on earth who would like to avoid a personal fight in their lives, solve problems, cure diseases without any effort – just as if there was a God who could instantly find solutions, a God who might bring forward our ideas and realize the best one. Anyone would want a God nearby, as a silent companion who could walk beside us. Inspired by reading P.D. Duspensky’s Fragments of an Unknown Teaching, this work for BalletX was created as a personally recurring thought, the idea that we all have our own “instant God.” The problem is that this remains almost always disabled for most of our life. It is a common belief that unity is strength, but only if the union is made up of single men and women who have individually become aware of their strength.
Mauro Astolfi

"sensuous, offbeat use of musicality"

The Philadelphia Inquirer


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