Meet Joshua Shaffer


Joshua Shaffer, a native of Richmond Virginia, began playing drums at the age of nine. Once he started playing in church, Joshua quickly began getting called to play in local bands around Richmond when he was in middle school. At 18, Joshua moved to Philadelphia to study drums world renowned drum educator Steve Fidyk at Temple University. While at Temple he played drums on Angy Estrada’s debut album, Latin Pulse, and frequently gigged around Philly with his own band, The Joshua Shaffer Project. Since graduating in 2017, Joshua has toured around the country with folk artist Justin Gambino, played drums on numerous records, and has co-created a record label called RIPE MUSIC. When he is not on the road, Joshua enjoys inspiring children in Philadelphia, through his involvement as live musician for BalletX’s in school dance program, Dance Exchange. His mission is to inspire each and every person to find their own unique way to create and express themselves.