Portable Dance Floor

The Portable Dance Floor has brought dance to over 25,000 people since 2011, and can transform any space into a performance venue in just 1 hour. Perfect for events and non-traditional spaces, BalletX rents the Portable Dance Floor at affordable prices to individual artists, non-profit organizations, and commercial entities on a sliding scale.

The Portable Dance Floor is available on an as-needed basis to any individual dance artist, company, or venue in the greater Philadelphia area. Please submit requests for the floor at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your performance or educational activity.

The Portable Dance Floor is made up of 2 1/2 foot interlocking panels that create a 2 inch-high, sprung, waterproof floor with the option of adding Marley. The modular floor panels can be assembled in many sizes or shapes – from a minimum 5’ x 5’ square, to a maximum 35’ x 37 1/2′ rectangle. We have enough panels to build an “L” shaped floor, or work around columns and other obstructions. In addition to the floor, we have 7 rolls of Marley available to rent, each measuring 6’ wide by 25’ long.

Contact Jason Pizzi, Production & Facilities Manager, at jpizzi@balletx.org or 215-225-5389 x107.