Cayetano Soto Continues

Cayetano Soto is back in action today with BalletX dancers, diving into his upcoming World Premiere that will be featured in this season’s Fall Series 2018 performance.

Soto’s choreography seamlessly integrates smooth and sharp movements together with grace and precision. As the dancers rehearse an upbeat group section, Soto emphasizes the importance of melting into the smoother movements while still being able to snap into the sharper movements as needed. Having the necessary amount of control to execute a piece such as this certainly highlights the athletic ability of the dancers.

After a quick break for lunch, the dancers are back on the floor. They continue with a different section of Soto’s piece, partnered up with one another. As the music plays in the background, each couple rehearses with each other as needed, building familiarity, trust, and comfort with the new choreography. Soto remains active during this time, scanning over the pairs for brief moments until something catches his eye. Soto is quick to immerse himself within the various couples, slightly changing small movements in a way that can make all the difference. Positive and collaborative energy flows throughout the studio this afternoon. This upcoming World Premiere will not be one to miss!

-Angela Molishus, Intern

August 09, 2018