In Rehearsal
Chameleon Capabilities

The dancers at BalletX are truly masters of their craft.

The Early September Heat

It is a playfulness that is crossed with dignity and purpose, as though every finger, wrist, elbow and foot holds significance.

Rehearsing the Human Condition

In Requiem, bodies move, change, rise and fall.

Soto’s Socks Depart, For Now

The socks were back last Saturday afternoon.

Cayetano Soto Continues

Cayetano Soto is back in action today with BalletX dancers, diving into his upcoming World Premiere that will be featured in this season’s Fall Series 2018 performance.

Soto, Socks, and Spice

It’s Cayetano Soto’s first day in the studio working with the dancers on his world premiere, debuting in Fall.

Performance Ready

It’s crunch time as the dancers of BalletX revive repertory from their 2018 Spring Series to be performed at Halcyon Stage this weekend in Washington D.C. The company will perform Trey McIntyre’s The Boogeyman and Darrell Grand Moultrie’s Vivir. The studio’s atmosphere is bustling since the company has only one more day to finish ‘cleaning’ the dances before their performance on Friday, June 22nd.

Lil Buck in the Studio

BalletX recently welcomed Memphis jookin’ dance superstar Lil Buck to Philly for the company’s first major collaboration in its new home, the Center for World Premiere Choreography.

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Dedication and Camaraderie

Exploring Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s “Bonzi”


Watching Rehearsal for Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s “Bonzi”

Picture Day

BalletX in the Studio

Dynamic Work in Progress

Exploring Matthew Neenan’s Creation Process for “Identity Without Attribute”


Exploring Matthew Neenan’s Creation Process for “Credo”


Exploring Matthew Neenan’s Creation Process for “Credo”