Blog: Soto’s Socks Depart, for now.

The socks were back last Saturday afternoon.

Blog: Cayetano Soto Continues

Cayetano Soto is back in action today with BalletX dancers, diving into his upcoming World Premiere that will be featured in this season’s Fall Series 2018 performance.


It’s Cayetano Soto’s first day in the studio working with the dancers on his world premiere, debuting in Fall.

Interview with Penny Saunders

“I find all things to be dance. Life is dance. From our breath to a simple glance or a handshake – it can all be so powerful.”

Interview with Andrew McNicol

“My intention is to create layers of meaning and offer multiple ways to connect with the work in the most inclusive way I can.”

Behind the Scenes of Spring Series 2017 | eXposure, EPISODE 02

Watch excerpts of Tommie-Waheed Evans’ ‘In Between the Passing…’

Interview: R. Colby Damon

We recently sat down with R. Colby Damon to discuss his upcoming world premiere at BalletX’s Winter Series 2017.

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Blog: Dedication and Camaraderie

The dancers of BalletX showed their dedication and camaraderie during this late afternoon rehearsal. While Ochoa was rehearsing the men, the ladies kept busy by practicing pointe work for a different section.

Blog: Surrealist

Uncertainty breathes life into this performance. We open on a door-to-door salesman, but the ring of a doorbell quickly unravels into a surrealist scene. The panels are the doors, and with each frustrated prompt of the salesman, these doors reveal something unexpected.

Blog: A Dynamic Work in Progress

The piece utilizes all ten members of the company, but the section I observed primarily consisted of seamlessly interwoven solos, duets, and trios.

Blog: Alien

The relationship between the two characters is also important— you quickly notice how the second dancer chases after the first dancer in an effort to care for her, only to be left coldly in the end. Rawness and honesty are what is left for you once the dance ends.

Blog: Juxtapositions

The dancing felt like a natural mimicry of human breath and vulnerability, characteristics that were amplified by the accompanying music.