10 Questions with Alexandra Policaro

Get to know BalletX Independence Foundation Dance Fellow Alexandra Policaro in 10 questions!

10 Questions with Pete Leo Walker

Get to know new BalletX company member Pete Leo Walker in 10 questions!

Get to Know Stanford Thompson

Learn more about Board Member Stanford Thompson, Founder and Executive Director of Play On Philly!

An Inside Look at BalletX’s Dance Fellowship

Savannah Green and Shawn Cusseaux share their Dance Fellowship experience.

BalletX Dancers on the 15th

What are the BalletX dancers most excited about for the 15th Anniversary Season?

10 Questions with Ashley Simpson

Get to know BalletX dancer Ashley Simpson in 10 questions!

10 Questions with Savannah Green

Get to know BalletX dancer Savannah Green in 10 questions!

10 Questions with Shawn Cusseaux

Get to know BalletX’s Independence Foundation Dance Fellow, Shawn Cusseaux in 10 questions!

Virtual Premieres at Works & Process

On June 14, 2020, BalletX premiered four short dance films in collaboration with Works & Process at the Guggenheim.

Artist Spotlight with Rena Butler

Watch a Q&A and Previews of Rena Butler’s BalletX Dance Film Commission

Interview with Tara Middleton

“I’m extending myself musically and artistically in ways I’ve always wanted to explore.”

Interview with Chanel Holland

“BalletX is breaking down the barriers between audience and performers…”

Interview with Eliza Walmsley

“dance is a great way to connect with people.”

Interview with Yuming Chiu

“art is designed for every single human being.”

Interview with Matthew Soojian

“Don’t wait to sign up. Just go for it.”

10 Questions with Blake Krapels

Get to know BalletX dancer Blake Krapels in 10 questions!

Interview with Rosie Langabeer

“When I make music for dance I am leaving space in there for the elements that the movement brings to the whole experience. I don’t want the music to dominate, I want the combination to be greater than the sum of its parts.”

Interview with Penny Saunders

“I find all things to be dance. Life is dance. From our breath to a simple glance or a handshake – it can all be so powerful.”

Interview with Andrew McNicol

“My intention is to create layers of meaning and offer multiple ways to connect with the work in the most inclusive way I can.”

Interview with Manfred Fischbeck

“Limited range of movement does not mean a limit in expressiveness.”

Interview with Brigitta Herrmann

“Age is not the end of being a dancer.”

Interview with Hellmut Gottschild

“For me it is an almost tactile relationship with those in the audience. We give and receive.”

Interview with Brenda Dixon Gottschild

As I have said in one of my lectures, “dance is a language that is illegible in literal translation.”

Interview with R. Colby Damon

We sat down with R. Colby Damon, choreographer and former BalletX dancer, to discuss his world premiere “On the Mysterious Properties of Light.”

Interview with Neil Feather

Interview with Neil Feather, Sound Mechanic for “Sunset, o639 Hours”

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Interview with Kate Carr

A Q&A with Kate Carr of BalletX’s Dance eXchange