Soto’s Socks Depart, For Now

It was Cayetano Soto’s last day rehearsing with BalletX. Much unlike this quiet Thursday, (the dancers have gone to Colorado for the Vail Dance Festival!) Saturday was full of energy. Bright squares of sunlight and Beethoven’s fifth brought life to the studio. Soto was on day six of rehearsing with the dancers but his liveliness remained ever present. As he extended their limbs to the ceiling and walls, Soto provided quirky anecdotes and helpful sound effects. The new choreography challenged the dancers, filling the studio with sweat, heavy breathing, and hard work. Indeed, thirteen seconds of foot pounding followed by an intense crab walk does a number your core. “Make it over done! Make it clear!” Soto cried. Despite their exhaustion, the dancers liked the push. Their movement became strong and defined throughout rehearsal. As they got the hang of the phrase work, their individual personalities began to shine through, adding extra oomph. Soto was able to step back and watch them. His corrections focused less on learning steps and more on perfecting stylistic qualities. Choreographers call this “cleaning,” a final (and tedious) stage in the rehearsal process. However, the communication between Soto and the dancers was strong and everyone was able to stay on the same page.

After the last run through, Soto applauded them. He gave a big thank you, which the dancers graciously returned, and began to pack up. Tired and pleased, Soto departed. As for the socks (and the dancers), expect to see them in action at The Wilma Theater this November for Fall Series 2018!

-Violet Giddings, Intern